Blogs in June 2015

LookAt Review

Posted on June 27, 2015

For those looking for a collaborative post-production video review tool, you may know that we recently reviewed a tool called Wipster, which you can read about here. We were also recently approached by LookAt to do the same. According to it’s website, LookAt is a real-time video review and collaboration tool and is “The Easiest Way for Video Makers to Share and Discuss Work in Progress ...Read More

Your video is online! Now what?

Posted on June 17, 2015

So you have created a video, decided where you are going to host it and it’s now live. Time to sit back and watch the views come in, right? Not quite.   Once your video is live online you need to ensure it is being seen and is driving the right traffic to your website and business as a whole.   Your video must include a strong call to action and be accessible to your target aud ...Read More

Live Stream Marketing

Posted on June 04, 2015

This spring, two new social media apps appeared on the scene that disrupted the market. Periscope and Meerkat became two hot topics that everyone wanted to get involved in - including brands.   What are these apps, and should my brand join?   The premise of Meerkat and Periscope are quite similar- stream live from anywhere and allow users to follow, comment and like the stream in rea ...Read More