A highly collaborative one between our clients and us.

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For the video production process to be effective, it should take into account the needs of the client and their objectives. At Nettel Media, we’re focused on achieving these objectives by ensuring that the production process is a highly collaborative one between our clients and us.

With each of the 3 stages of the video production process, we aim to truly understand what you want to accomplish through the use of video, how you envision connecting with your desired target audience and how we can make this a reality through the video products we create on your behalf. And we can make the production process itself a simple or complicated one, based on your goals and your budget.

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At Nettel Media we take into account the needs of our clients and their objectives.




For us, this is a critical stage of the production process. It involves sitting down with our clients and trying to fully understand what they hope to accomplish through the creation of their video. Is this a promotional tool to gain brand awareness and recognition, an attempt to use video to entertain and inform, or are the goals entirely different?

This is the step in the video production process where we develop the creative concept, including developing the script for the video. We use the client’s goals and desired approach to drive the creative process, developing a concept that will deliver on this objective. Once the client approves the creative concept, we proceed to finalize all the technical, legal and crew requirements to prepare ourselves for the actual video shoot.




This stage of the production process involves recording both the audio and video elements. We take your needs and budget into account in recommending a solution that is right for you and your business – whether it be simple or elaborate in nature.

Set preparation, lighting, setup of all audio and video equipment and the briefing of all on-camera talent and crew members occurs at this point to ensure everything is ready to actually film the video.

Our team of professionals in the video production process are here to make sure that everything runs like clockwork, with as few surprises as possible.




In this third and final stage of the video production process, we use professional editing software and equipment to create a truly remarkable video product for our clients.

We spend the time to make your video something unique and extraordinary, adding all the little details such as music, special effects, voiceovers, captions, titles and the like to create a video that will impress and captivate your audience; something you’ll truly be proud of. We’ll also ensure your video is created in the right format for its intended use.

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